Anna’s Bay is an all-volunteer organization. As a result, our choristers work not only to learn the music, but also to raise the funds for everything from insurance, program printing, venue rental, music and more. They do this primarily by paying membership dues of $100 per term to underwrite their participation. Dues are payable on a sliding scale, and no one is prevented from singing due to an inability to pay.

While not apparent from the caliber of music they are producing, a growing proportion of Anna’s Bay choristers find dues and the cost of music a significant challenge. These important members of our community rely upon contributions solicited on their behalf by Anna’s Bay, primarily through sponsorships, to help underwrite their experience. Many of these folks are our youngest members and most active volunteers. 
How You Can Help
For $100, you can help underwrite the experience of one of the 75-90 singers who will perform with the Chorale this season, including the 30-40 students who will participate this season both on-stage and off in the Chorale’s concerts. Chorister dues only cover about 20% of the total cost of the concert term, which includes 14 weeks of rehearsal, musical and vocal instruction, camaraderie and of course the finale concerts. For this reason, we’re working to raise two sponsorships for each of the 50-60 singers participating this fall. 
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